composer i producer i pianist

Duende is an untranslatable Spanish word that was defined by Lorca as the "mysterious force that everyone feels and no philosopher has explained”. Through his music, producer, composer and pianist Pablo Mirete Godoy strives to capture the essence of duende without giving up the intellectual dimension of art.
Pablo moved from Spain to Boston in 2015 to attend Berklee College of Music soon after becoming a Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation Ambassador. Holding their Gifted Scholarship Award as well as scholarships from Berklee College of Music, he is currently pursuing a dual major in Contemporary Writing & Production and Professional Music together with a minor in Video Game Scoring. Before that, Pablo was awarded a scholarship to study in Canada, where he won the first place in four of the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival highest level categories. His journey across these countries, his education in classical music and jazz and the influence of the traditional music from his homeland are all reflected in his vivid work.

Over the last years, Pablo has become increasingly active in the field of social change and is now working on several projects that involve music as a medium for such purpose. Recently, he was awarded a spot to travel to the Mexican jungle and Spain with the Quetzal Route program where he had the opportunity to keep exploring the possibilities of social entrepreneurship and premiere one of his last compositions for chamber orchestra. Upon his return to the United States, he’s been writing new songs and arranging tango music and other latin styles for Pablo Ziegler’s concert at the Berklee Performance Center and shows like "Divas Latinas", "Ídolos Latinos" and the Latin America VIVE Music Festival 2017 & 2018. Pablo also attended the Global Cultural Leadership Summit in Abu Dhabi with The Canales Project in April 2017, organization with which he is a former fellow.

Currently, he keeps working on Comusaic, a project he founded looking to improve the integration of asylum seekers in Europe through music. At the same time, he also works as a Lab Assistant while collaborating with different activist groups and artists and creating new music. He will be producing and developing projects as an intern at Found Sound Nation this Summer.