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Duende is an untranslatable Spanish word that was defined by Lorca as the "mysterious force that everyone feels and no philosopher has explained”. Through his music, Los Angeles-based producer, composer, arranger and pianist Pablo Mirete strives to capture the essence of duende by finding the right connection between ideas and execution.


Having collaborated with GRAMMY Award winners and nominees like Paquito D’Rivera, Pablo Ziegler, Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell or Berta Rojas, Pablo’s beginnings with music happened at a young age in his native Spain. There, he grew up with a formal education in classical piano, clarinet, theory and composition. His love for music, however, grew past classical frontiers and ended up drawing him to diverse traditional folk styles, popular music, and jazz. This passion for music also took him beyond national borders early on. At age 16, Pablo was awarded a scholarship to study in Canada, where he won the first place in four of the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival highest level categories. Soon after, he became a Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation Ambassador, received their first Gifted Scholarship Award and moved to Boston to continue his education at Berklee College of Music on a full-tuition scholarship.


Pablo graduated summa cum laude from Berklee with a dual degree in Contemporary Writing & Production and Professional Music (concentrations in Writing for TV and New Media, Composition and Music Technology) together with a minor in Video Game Scoring. Due to an extensive skill palette, he has composed, produced and performed music in a number of countries. Some live shows he has written and conducted music for include Justin Timberlake’s Honorary Degree concert at Agganis Arena, Berklee Global Summit 2019, Latin America VIVE Music Festival 2017 & 2018, "Divas Latinas", "Ídolos Latinos", “Pablo Ziegler Meets Berklee” and “Paquito D'Rivera and Berta Rojas Meet Berklee”. Pablo has also co-led music production, leadership and experimental music workshops at places like MIT and MASS MoCA and was chosen by Symphony for a Broken Orchestra as one of their remix winners.


Over the last four years, Pablo has become increasingly active in the field of social change and keeps working on several projects that involve music as a medium for such purpose. In 2016, he was awarded a spot to travel to the Mexican jungle and Spain with the Quetzal Route program where he had the opportunity to keep exploring the possibilities of social entrepreneurship and premiere one of his last compositions for chamber orchestra. Pablo also attended the Global Cultural Leadership Summit in Abu Dhabi with The Canales Project in April 2017, organization with which he is a former fellow. Last summer, he worked as a music production intern at Found Sound Nation in New York City, and in June he travelled to San Francisco and Silicon Valley to participate in Real Industry’s Real Startup program.

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