I have always been fascinated by live music. No matter the genre or style, I find the physicality of sound and performance always enables a special connection between the people who participate in this ceremony. Music is an organism, and as such, it develops over time. Taking songs that people care for and arranging them to make the story or emotional impact stronger according to the context of the performance is one of the things I love doing the most.

Gracias a la Vida

2017 was the year we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Violeta Parra, who first wrote “Gracias a la Vida”, a song that means a lot to many Spanish-speaking people. With this arrangement, I wanted to make a call for union, hope and gratitude. Combining Andean, Afro-Cuban and Spanish influences, performing this song was conceived as an opportunity to celebrate and look at our differences as something positive and enriching. Living in an era where divides seem to be getting bigger and bigger, I believe embracing and being thankful for the diversity we live in is one of the keys for change. Because after all we’re more similar than different, I am thankful to life everyday for being here to enjoy it.